September 28 – Trauma Induced Spiritual Awakenings.  In this Chat, we discuss how trauma and tragedy can become the ‘bitter medicine’ that takes us through a psychic death to a spiritual awakening and psychic rebirth.  Together we will review 5 steps to Post-Traumatic Growth and Spiritual Awakening.

October 26 – Beyond Ego Death, and The Human Stress.  Our chat today describes how we can evolve our brain, steady our heart, engage intuition and embody our true spirit.  We discuss how we can learn to recognize our instinctive neurological fight-flight-freeze-faint-or-tend-and befriend mammalian stress-responses.  We will explore how this warning system alerts us that a psychic-ego-death or existential crisis is upon us . . . launching us into a personal spiritual awakening that is an expanded non-attached “unconditional love-trust-acceptance-surrender to being present” response.

November 30 – Empowering Our Hearts and Energy Bodies.  In our last Chat of the year, we will learn how to ignite our body’s neuroendocrine system’s nerurocardiology–also known as our ‘heart-brain’ along with other energetic psychic centers.  In this chat we explore ‘pranic healing techniques’ that can help each of us to move from the crisis of interpersonal power-struggles, and an existential ego-death or spiritual crisis to embodying our full potential as a spiritual being.


Introduction to Embodied Awareness – Online Course

The Introductory price of this complete course is $99.97 USD (regularly $149.97 US)
Available for individual purchase are modules 1, 2, 3, 4 for an introductory price of $14.97 USD each (regularly $22.97 US)

Graduates of the online course may be eligible Continuing Education Credits

The Embodied Awareness Facilitator Certification Program provides training to future cultural heroes and pioneers who wish to incorporate Embodied Awareness Practices into their occupation or share skills and practices with individuals.



Certified Embodied Awareness Facilitators Available to support you through your journey and offer mentorship during the on-line course.


Mentorship, video-conference or in person with Dr Beth Hedva $50 /10 minutesEmail:  or Telephone:  +1 ( 403).247.144


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