Expansion, Contraction and Polarization

Expansion, contraction and polarization are the hallmarks of our current age. How do you find and return to your center amidst this cycle of accelerated change?   Numerology is a wisdom-tool used by the ancients that can help us understand how to work with polarization.

In the Western Mystery Tradition the number 2 represents an archetypal Feminine Force which symbolizes the creative potential and receptive nature of the universe.  Aboriginal teachings call this “The Great Mystery”. This ‘Great Mystery’ includes everything that exists: complementary forces and contradictions, point and counter-point, and that mystery within human consciousness that is able to find the point of balance between what appear to be opposing forces.


Since the year 2000 we began a new numerological cycle that is marked by the number “2”.  We have entered a new millennium that shines light on the awakening of the ‘great mystery’ that has the power to bring us into harmony and balance within ourselves, with each other, with our environment and our cosmos. Though for many, the awakening of the Feminine Spirit within our world (and within ourselves) has seemed to launch swinging from pole to pole amidst a multitude of uncertainties, rather than resting in the equipoise.

Ultimately this aspect of the Feminine Spirit represents the principle of wisdom, harmony and balance.  This place of inner wisdom exists in both men and women, boys and girls. It is in every thing that exists.

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Like the Chinese Yin-Yang symbol, the Western image of  black and white pillars symbolize duality: expansion and contraction, masculine and feminine, outer and inner, what we call ‘good’ and ‘bad’. It also represents the positive and negative poles of one’s life experiences (personally, and collectively).

The first decades of our new millennium have been full of contrasts: We have experienced extreme polarization and unprecedented examples of our collective ability to transcend conventional and historical barriers. Horrors like 9/11 which highlights socio-economic disparities between rich and poor / urban and rural / economically more developed and less developed nations are at one end of the continuum. Add to that environmental catastrophes, like rising ocean temperatures which put the marine ecosystems in jeopardy. Between world-wide environmental and human made disasters, the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center (IDMC) in Geneva, said, (in 2014) we could expect a 60% greater chance of needing to flee from our homes compared to the previous four decades.

At the other end of the continuum, examples like humanity’s global response to the 2004 tsunami in S. E Asia we can (and choose to) collectively move beyond our fears to extend a new vision of hope and help across cultural, racial and socio-economic divides. Likewise, despite reports in 2016 Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development reporting a 650% rise in terrorist fatalities in the world’s more developed nations (as witnessed in  Paris, France, the UK, the US and other more developed nations), the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), Global Peace Index reports suggest we are actually living in a more peaceful world.   For example, the 2016 Global Peace Index,  recorded higher levels of peace in 93 countries, based on finding lower levels of extra-judicial killings, torture and state-sponsored terror, along with the withdrawal of all but four military forces from Afghanistan, (out of the 50 countries that provided assistance).

Polarization shows us where we stand, and shows us what we need to learn in order to come to balance, peace and harmony. Personality clashes and power-struggles arise on both personal and collective levels.  Conflicts are reflections of our personal and collective need to grow in wisdom and call us to learn new ways of relating to each other.
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Jungian depth psychologists suggest the resolution of opposites happens on both a personal and collective level when we recognize and accept each person, and every culture or nation is full of contradictions, and because of this, others may act differently than us, or be different than we expect.  In the image of the High Priestess, the moon’s reflective light symbolizes intuition as revealed through self-reflection and insight. Self-reflection and insight are the resources one needs to resolve the tension between opposing forces in one’s own nature.

It is common to react emotionally when someone is different than us, or when we feel different from them. Guilt or shame about being how we are, perhaps blame, pain or aggressive feelings may come up. For some, laughter, uncertainty or discomfort arises. Power struggles are common, as we try to make others conform to our expectations, or we try to comply with their expectations of us as a way of resolving the discomfort of these ‘shadow’ feelings. The shadow is a term coined by C. G. Jung, and it represents those rejected, unconscious and uncomfortable parts of us, traits we deem to be socially unacceptable.  These traits vary from person to person and culture to culture. Learning to be present with differences, (instead of placing a value judgment on differences) is called ‘owning the shadow’.  Soon it becomes clear, feelings that surface–guilt, shame, blaming, pain and other feelings– are reactions. These emotional reactions are reflections of our own patterned responses and socially conditioned experiences.

The truth is, we all contain both strengths, (which are identified as constructive, positive characteristics) AND weaknesses, (based on vulnerabilities, needs or so-called negative traits) which, when disowned, denied or deemed socially unacceptable, become unconscious destructive forces in the personality of an individual, culture or nation.  Oddly enough, a distinctive blend of strengths and vulnerabilities define the personality of an individual, culture or nation, and distinguish us as unique.

It bears repeating: polarization and confronting our differences show us where we stand, and reveal what we each need to learn in order to grow in wisdom.

Instead of judging or condemning one another for being different than us, or different than we expect, we make peace with ourselves and each other by accepting we each have strengths and weaknesses, gifts and flaws.  We can, and are learning to appreciate and accept our differences. This allows us to extend compassion to ourselves and each other when we face blind spots, weaknesses, flaws, ignorance or lack of insight.

As we give birth to honoring and respecting the Divine Feminine expect to see a new kind of balance of power emerging, over the next decades (and over the next 2000 years).

The focus for this cycle of time is to create and maintain a world based on harmony and balance between what appear to be opposing forces: expansion and contraction, male and female, outer and inner.  Western Mystery traditions call the alchemy of seemingly incompatible elements transmutation. In Hindu culture says this weaving and blending of opposites is called ‘tantra’.  Tantric spiritual practices, ranging from philosophical studies and subtle mediation practices to sacred sexual practices for couples, will become ever-more popular over the next cycle of time as women and men come to love the ‘other’ within, and in partnership with each other .

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[2] US Daily Review, Global “Peace” Improved in Spite of Pockets of Unrest. Posted on June 13, 2017 http://usdailyreview.com/global-peace-improved-in-spite-of-pockets-of-unrest/

Own The Shadow: Learning to Love the ‘Other’

Instructions: Take a moment to reflect on a situation from the last decade that evokes harsh criticism or judgmental attitudes. Perhaps you can remember a time you felt angry and resentful toward someone and talked about them behind their back, or engaged in gossip about a family member, co-worker or former friend.  Perhaps you were the object of gossip and suffered from ostracism, or felt shame or embarrassment about your own mistakes.

ACTION:  Use reflections on gossip, judgment and anger to explore your own shadow.

  • Make a list of the negative traits by listing your judgments, criticisms or frustrations.
  • Next, circle the one that has the most energy.
  • Now reflect upon your personal, ancestral or cultural history with regards to that trait.
  • Observe the psychic pattern and how it impacts you.
  • Notice how old you were when this pattern got set into motion.
  • Imagine what your earlier self really needed at that time. It is normal, natural and human to have needs.

Forgive yourself for being a needy, dependent human being. Instead of self-hate, recognize and accept your needs. Now imagine what would have fulfilled your needs then? What would have helped, instead of injured or hindered your growth?



Make a commitment to care for yourself, to sooth your fears and heal underlying injuries.  Identify resources that can help you care for yourself, sooth your fears and heal. Practice self-forgiveness first. Forgiving is linked to gratitude.

Ask yourself:

  • “What have I gained, or learned about myself, my strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is the universal teaching in my experience?
  • How is my experience a reflection of the human condition?
  • What was this experience for-giving ‘to’ me?”

Notice how self-forgiveness leads to forgiveness of others for their human frailties.  Share your wisdom, gleaned from your life-experience.  Become a resource for others who may be in need of similar healing.

Deep Listening

{ Listening Buddha }

Some of us think our way through life, others feel our way through.

See, hear, feel and perceive the subtle flow of hidden forces at work in your daily, ordinary life.  Clear your mind, open your heart and expand your awareness. We learn to listen to ourselves by listening with our whole body and soul.  Open your inner ear, and listen to the quality of the sound of your inner voice.

Do not get caught in the content of the words–instead notice the quality of energy in the thoughts. Allow your whole body to speak to you.  Notice where the energy arises.

  • Acknowledged sensations, and breathe into them.
  • Assimilate your experience, slow it down by taking a few deep breaths–and feel it in your body.
  • Appreciate the energy in the physical felt-sense, and let it shift into an emotional feeling.
  • Allow the energy to keep moving. . . Notice if memories, images, pictures or other impressions arise.
  • Let your intuition begin to put the pieces together and your create insight and meaning out of your experiences.

[image credit: Heaven Can Wait 2010]

We learn to listen to others with the same sensitivity.  To acknowledge what someone is saying.  It helps to slow down (and breathe) as we listen and take in what is being said, so we can appreciate the emotional quality of the energy behind what one is saying.  You may even have images, picture or other subtle impressions that give you insights into another’s experience. This capacity to listen deeply to another is enhanced by embodied awareness.

In one of our embodied awareness seminars, a participant Stacy said, “Deep listening has been beneficial for me both personally and professionally.  I have found it has increased my awareness of felt sense and my understanding of emotions (mine and others). It has also increased my confidence in my intuition. I practice deep listening within dyads and with family and friends the feedback has been right on…..Yes! I am right! ”  In the past I have always doubted myself so I am so grateful for the opportunity to really solidify this practice for myself and increase my capacity in such a profound way. It is creating expansion in all aspects of my life. Deep listening is allowing me to become more embodied completely”.

What changes  for you, when you listen deeply to yourself?

What changes when you listen deeply to others?

Many Worlds – Many Helpers

It has been said that we live in many worlds simultaneously, ranging from our dense, material world to more ethereal spiritual worlds.  We also have helpers in each of these world, according to traditions from all over the globe.  This blog describes a few of those helpers you may chose to call upon for assistance.

Upper World Guides:

Upperworld Guides remind us of our true spiritual nature. They may light the way to new heights of awareness that yield greater spiritual insight, faith, and renewal of life purpose.
Divine Guidance — Guidance may come from a Supreme Divinity. It may take on a voice or form that associates itself with any number of the unique characters or manifestations of the various Divine Forces that have been adopted as Gods and Goddesses.
Also, guidance may come in the form of the ‘lesser gods’ or Demi-gods from various traditions, legends, myths and lore from all spiritual traditions across all time and from all around the world.

            Information, healing, and direction may also be supplied by Angelic or ‘Winged’ Spirit Beings such as Arch  Angels Michael, Uriel, Raphael and Gabriel, plus all the ‘Lesser’ Angels from all traditions throughout the world, Guardian Angels (as in the poem ‘When I lay me down to sleep, 14 Angels watch to keep. . .”)  and the Higher Self, the name given to our most evolved Self, the one within who links us with greater awareness.


Middle-World Guides

          Spirit Ancestors and Human Allies —  Guidance comes in the form of the Disincarnate Spirits of humans or ‘Ghosts’ who come to our aid. These may include relatives, friends and people we’ve known, now deceased and residing in their Spirit Form.  Also, some Middle World Spirit Guides may include visitations from allies who are yet living in this physical world.  They too may come to visit us in their spirit form.

Guidance may also arise from people we have not known, and can include someone who has lived

during another time (past, present or future).  Whether we recognize the person or not, the visitor is someone with whom our soul has (has had, or will have) a bond of affinity.

The Middle World Spirit Guide may take the form of a Teacher; Healer; or Champion, to help us grow in Wisdom, Love and Power.

Exception: some of our Middle World Guides and allies may actually reside in the upper or underworld.


Underworld Guides

Underworld Guides help us reconnect with the wisdom of our instincts, our innate being.  They can help us find our way through the deep dark places in our lives.
     Nature Spirits: Fairies, Elves, Elementals, Devas, (Hindu), Dakas and Dakinis (Buddhist), etc—all the various names given to the different types of underworld guides from all traditions throughout the world. In Western culture familiar forms include the Flower fairies, Tree Spirits, Water Sprites, Gnomes, Sylphs, etc.

Underworld guidance may come through the elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water, as when the Infinite One spoke to Moses through a burning bush.

Animal Totems or Animal Spirits: The spirit of any animal or family of animals may act as a guardian and spirit protector—particularly common in shamanistic cultures.

Exceptions: A small number of Upper-world and Middle-World Guides are able to cross between worlds. There are also high Divinities among the spirit guides of the Underworld.


Other World Guides

Today, there are also many reports of ‘off-world’ guides that identify themselves as coming from different planets, star-systems and even different dimensions. Their presence may guide us beyond our fear of the unknown.

Solar Eclipse Love Wave Party!

My Mentee, Andrea Bauer, and I would like to invite you to join us in a virtual Solar Eclipse Love Wave Party!

What it is: We’ll be combining the energies of our hearts (Andrea will show you how via meditation) with that of the total solar eclipse (very powerful energy) for the purpose of spreading big continuous waves of love and compassion out across the United States, Spain, British Columbia’s forests and all places in the world suffering from both natural and human-made mass disasters. . .

We will join together and send positive waves of love and healing energies around the world on 8/21/17 from 9am – 1pm PDT.

There’s a lot of science behind the effective impact of this which I won’t go into here. Suffice it to say – IT WORKS!

For more info behind the #lovewaveparty  incuding why we’re throwing it, what it’s about, and how you can join (for just 5 to 15 minutes) to help spread the love – please visit https://andreabauer.com/solar-eclipse-love-wave-party/ 

Then, visit the  event page to
– fill out the poll letting us know what time block you’ve chosen to join (goal is an unbroken chain from 9a-1pm EDT.)
invite your friends, family, kids, colleagues, neighbors….the more love the better!
– access your guided Heart Love meditation (will be posted some time over the weekend)
– post pics of where you’re radiating from (use #lovewaveparty)

There is no place for hate in this world.

Let’s fill our hearts and the world with love.

Much love to you,

Beth Hedva and Andrea Bauer

Projection, Perception and Possible Realities

After being diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy I was  bombarded with questions about “Why” and “How could this have happened to YOU”.  . . So let’s explore projection, perception and possible realities. . .Notice what comes up for you from my previous posts. . .and what comes up for you when you see this pictrure (Yes those are accupuncture needles in my ear and cheek)…

Receiving Accupunture Treatment for my Bell’s Palsy

PROJECTION happens when we interpret reality through the filter of our own unexpressed thoughts and feelings—our fears, desires and unconscious reactions are projected onto another person or situation.

Here is one of my favorite projection / assumptions about ‘why’ I have Bell’s Palsy–Someone was honest enough to ask: ”Was it because you are sabotaging yourself?”  Answer: No. That is not my experience.

Worry seems to have been a favorite projection of several people in my sphere. . . Since I am not worried, it was easy to detect as a projection.  The process has taught me to translate “worry” into an expression of someone’s love (compassion) instead of implying “I should be worried” too.

I invite you to note your own projections, interpretations and assumptions.  Explore what they mean to you (about you). That is what projection is for. Projection helps us get to know ourselves—through the mirror of an ‘other’–if we are willing to look inside instead of only outside ourselves.

Image result for perception

PERCEPTION is the capacity to simply observe.  To see, hear and sense impressions, as they are.

The quick answer as to “why” based on simple observation. .extended dental work and compression on my cranial nerves inflamed the nerves and triggered the Bell’s Palsy

This is what I observed: 5 hours of dental work with mouth pryed open– starting with 3 hours, with a small mouth (so I am told), not enough lidocaine and adding more lidocaine after 1 hour of work; tensing muscles in anticipation while receiving treatment–and a 2 hour follow up before my nerves had a chance to fully recover from the first proceedure. . . All this  compressed and inflamed the cranial nerves. . .The second proceedure moved from inflamation to infection.

I researched my hunch based on my perception of a possible relationship between dental work and Bells Palsy

While this does not always happen for everyone, of course. .. this is what happened for me after my dental proceedure: Compression led to inflamation.  Inflamation turned into infection in less than 24 hours after the second session. Inflamation released a virus that lays dormant on the nerves for anyone who has ever had a cold sore. The virus appears to have  infected 3 of my cranial nerves –facial nerve 7 (that created the facial palsy); the vestibular nerve in the inner ear( created dizzy-ness); and the glossopherngyl nerve 9, (which created challenges with eating, speaking, swooshng after brushing my teeth and all kinds of interesting effects).  I will be seeing an ENT for assessment in late August to confirm this.

I am improving steadily in every area.  Though I still tire easily, I am enjoying letting my body’s energy lead my activity level.. . . AND it is truly awe inspiring to watch the body heal so gradually to its greater capacities. Our bodies are walking miracles creating homes for our limitless spirits.


Image result for perception

REALITY—now that one is a true mystery.

Years back, many people were bandying about the idea “You create reality” . . .how we ‘create’ reality is through the CONTEXT we create to hold the experiences of our lives.  See my earlier blog SEVEN SECRETS of Spiritual Integration and Liberation

The “C” in secret is “create a context” based on your perceptions reather than your projections. My context for what ever Life brings is curiosity, learning and liberation.  What is yours?

The challenge is to become conscious of your triggers—positive and negative—and to create a context for your own health, healing and wholeness—independent of life’s circumstances.

Please feel free to share if you were triggered. . .and what you have learned . . .I am curious. . .we have so many possible realities!


Is healing a Marathon or a Sprint . . . or maybe something else?

I am beginning to round into month 3 of Bells Palsy.  Love, sympathy, prayers, drives to doctors, acupuncture, homeopathy and gifts of aroma therapy, crystals, nourishing smoothies and soups poured in from my community. . . As news made its way through to my colleagues, friends and family I received so much support and love—including many stories of others in our circle who had experienced Bell’s and completely recovered. The shortest recovery was 2 weeks. Most said their symptoms were gone after about a month.  So many suggestions, opinions, options, treatments and ways to heal from this condition. . .

Bells 1 2 3 green

Our condition evokes our conditioning, which becomes expectations—belief about how things are; and interpreting how things should be (now and in the future).  For example, in our society of instant access we have new expectations about how fast (or slow) things should happen. That is a trigger too. . .

When an expectation goes unmet, it  becomes a trigger.  Expectations that remain unconscious can create greater suffering. When triggered they can block us from experiencing a connection with our own true nature, which resides deep within us, beyond expectations, conditions and conditioning.

Triggers, once we become aware of them, invite us to reconnect to and embody our Self.  Then we are free to discover what the circumstances we face bring to us. Whether expectations come from within oneself, from friends, family, culture and social conditioning—it is possible to be free, to be and become even more ourselves– independent of our circumstances.   I will speak more about knowing your triggers in my May 10th Facebook Chat—about some of the universal triggers that cut us off from being true to our Self and true to each other.


As I round my way into month 3 it occurred to me yesterday that my journey is a marathon not a two week or 30 day sprint.  When we sprint, we put a bit of a push into it—to get to the finish line.  A marathon is about pacing.  This circumstance is asking me to practice deep listening- to listen to my body’s energy. My body is my guide, coaching me when to take space, when to reach out, when to engage with others and be active; its telling me to pace myself and to pay attention to what boosts and drains my body’s energy, and to follow my body’s lead.

Today, I am thinking, instead of a marathon. . .maybe it is a walk along the path of life. . .

Maybe unexpected circumstances like this one slow us down long enough to smell the roses—to take time to breathe in the subtle, sweet fragrance of our true nature and become inspired by an unseen potential that rests deep within every moment.  Taking time to be with it, discover and experience what is happening right now more deeply.  This can give us the juice to go forward—into the mystery of the unknown.

Paralysis, Bell’s Palsy and me – Rediscovering my Self again and again

The next few blogs I will be sharing a bit about the catalyst that offered me an opportunity to go deep within myself instead of writing blog entries. . . My continuing recovery from Bell’s Palsy – which brought me a temporary paralysis of the left side of my face that began about two months ago –

The timing of this event (just before my  “Know Your Trigger’s” Facebook chat originally scheduled in March) seemed more than coincidental. There are numerous ways we block ourselves (and feel blocked internally and externally) from expressing and being our Self. Unexpected events, illness, judgements (our own and other’s) all have a way of challenging us to go deeper into Self awareness and unwind the barriers – to liberate ourselves to be and embodied our true nature more and more under any (and ultimately all) circumstances.

My inner nature is awakened through Self-observation. . .and I am so grateful to discover that my Observing Self is present (at least this time) even in an emergency. . . like unexpected, sudden paralysis of my face.